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Narration by Healing Circle Puzzles author Cindy O’Neil


author Cindy O'Neil

Healing Circle Puzzles author Cindy O’Neil

Healing Circle Puzzles is a different sort of book that I began creating in the winter of 2001 in the midst of a long term and life altering health change.

Having just been released from a month long stay in hospital and diagnosed with severe, systemic rheumatoid arthritis I was in a highly transformed, painful and shockingly creative space. Confined to my home by disability, healing became my full time job. I was drawn to anything that buoyed my health and spirit.  Doing word puzzles proved particularly effective.

Many a day dissolved as I played with words. At some point, puzzle ideas began to fill my mind. I was so engrossed in making these puzzles that I was up till all hours just picking themes, exploring words, researching places. In the process, my pain and fear evaporated; I was healing—my Healing Circle Puzzles project was born.

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Original HCP Art Cards HCP art cards

I’ve created a set of 5 cards of original art from the Healing Circle Puzzles book. Each card is 8 inches by 5 inches. The backs of the cards are blank so that you can write messages, mantras or musings.

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signing Healing Circle Puzzles books for customers

signing Healing Circle Puzzles books for customers

My Healing Circle Puzzles book combines original works of art and photographs with unusually crafted word search puzzles. Throughout the book full colour images by very talented aspiring artists accompany each word search.

I created the puzzles in a time when I was healing, but I didn’t want to make just any puzzles. The concepts of healing and circles and the world and connection all fueled my puzzle making, so I challenged myself and decided that they’d only be in circles. I didn’t use a special program; I designed the puzzles by hand then figured out how to make them on my computer.

“As a Naturopathic doctor, and a hobbyist with photography and oil painting, I know that
color, form and line create a powerful impression on the senses that can have a lasting
effect on how we feel far beyond the time we are involved with the art. It transcends
our understanding and takes us into the world of magic and larger-than-life experiences
that stimulate the senses, heal the body and releases a cascade of neurotransmitters and
endorphins that can calm any uneasy mind if the images are just right. I hope that the
images portrayed in this book exemplify that experience for you as the observer. Art is a
powerful healing tool. Never forget to look at everything closely, you will undoubtedly
find something that you’ve never seen before and experience life brand-new every time
you turn the page. It is an exciting journey if we pay full attention. Enjoy every bit of it!”

Dr Sean Ceaser, ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Winnipeg and Victoria, CANADA

a quick visit with artist Robert Courchesne

visiting with Healing Circle Puzzles artist Robert Courchesne

All of the Healing Circle Puzzles have themes of things that helped me in my healing: positive thoughts and actions, music, books, therapies, healthy foods and more. The contents of the book focus on connectedness, harmony, healing, unity.

When I was creating the Healing Circle Puzzles, I was inspired by the thought that they might someday be of help to someone else—someone in hospital, someone house bound due to health or injury. I hoped that one day my little project would bring other people release, joy or an uplifting perspective in whatever life situation they found themselves.

Love your MOM Free Shipping Event

Cover price $12.95 CDN
“Love your MOM FREE Shipping Event”
Apr 24 – May 8


“The use of puzzles and games is often cited as an extremely effective method to speed up the healing process. Just completing one puzzle can simultaneously stimulate the creative and analytical hemispheres of our brain. Tapping into even greater depths of therapy, the author has incorporated healing colours and artwork into each puzzle. This book truly highlights the importance of the mind & body connection on the path towards health and wellness.”

- Dr Tara O’Brien, HBSc, ND
Pure Wellness Group
Sudbury, Ontario

Cindy O’Neil

Author, The Healing Circle Puzzles book

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